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January 20, 2019
36 Short Stories, a Cook Book and three major articles for your reading enjoyment and pleasure

I have taken most of these stories and published under the name "ARLEE". In addition have added over 300 pictures to add to the telling of each story. The book is worth displaying on the coffee table or bed room. ARLEE reads as if it were written but a person a LOT smarter then me. Enjoy.

Depending on my frame of mind and mood caused these stories to not have one thread of commonality through them and are ALL different, so if you don't enjoy one just relax as others may bring a smile or a tear or a nod of the head - To read, Just click on the Bold titles below and sit back and enjoy the journey.

Do Your Homework September 2009

Have a back problem that I feel this story will help others when/if they come down with the same

The Needle and the Soul June 2009

Dixie is a Quilter. Big time. This story is just some fun facts some tongue-in-cheek about quilters.

My Daughter - The Drunk July 2008

Other then saying this story is Fact Based you need to read it to understand not only a father's feelings but of alcholism

Chili May 2008

I really can’t take credit for writing this hilariously funny and well described story about a guy and his chili. The reason it is posted here is; I deeply feel in this world we live in we desperately need a good laugh now and then. If you enjoy the story please thank two lovely ladies named, Jackie Plough and her sister Ally Riley.

Southpaw April 2008

A small percentage of our US population is left-handed - they are 'special'

Blind March 2008

How would you like to wake one morning in a world without color, shape, form, images or sight and you are now - blind?

Our Tribute to Peggy January 2008

Airport Screener are as human as you and I

At 30,000 feet With a Crazy Person January 2008

A first person account of a real emergency on a flight from Dullas Wasington DC to Seattle SeaTac

We Owe Our Veterans - part Two September 2007

Follow-up article on my December 2006 stinging words on our/your Veterans Administration

Lifes Cycle and Walter Reed May 2007

Many things that goes on inside your head but never voiced and sometimes afraid to even think about

Seventy vs. Seven tenths of a Second February 2007

Sex... some good...some not so good...

To Theraphy or Not to Theraphy January 2007

There are MAJOR differences between a Massage from a scantly clad young lady in a seedy dimly-lit parlor to a therapeutic massage given by a professional - I found out after years of first-hand research.

Ice, to Have or Have not January 2007

There are some things a guy just does not have high on his priority list... or even have thought about. Frank learned this lesson the Hard way.

Muscle, Blood and Electricity January 2007

Just some information I needed to share on Heart Attacks, Strokes and a bit more

Concrete Ribbons of Frustration December 2006

This is a must-read if you have ever driven a car/automobile and been subject to "road rage". You really need to read and reflect on how this short story concludes.

Never say Oops December 2006

This is a must-read if you have teeth, vote Democratic, Republican or Independent, have a few patriotic bones and a couple minutes to reflect, grin, wonder and grimace all the while your mind is telling you about decisions made and not-made. You really need to read and reflect on how this short story concludes.

We owe our Veterans... December 2006

We have to stop treating our military veterans as second class citizans and consider us as human as the next guy/gal.

Daddy...I want to... October 2006

Nurses...we owe them so much

Should I turn right or left? July 2006

Just before making a life-altering decision about the militaty you maybe should sit back relax and read this story

Brenda, Snuffy and the Computer Store July 2006

Relax and listen to the computer folks... as soon as you see they know what they are talking about your life gets much easier

Why Sounds are Important June 2006

Something in your life you may not realize

The DaVinci Novel now the Movie May 2006

I read the novel ...and wondered...I talked to friends a lot smarter then me and they told me... so when the movie was released naturally I bought a ticket....I'm glad I did but once is enought as now I know all my friends told me the truth... but somedays - I still wonder.

MRI or CAT March 2006

I have had several CAT scans but yesterday my doctor sent me to the hospital for an MRI. Fat dumb and happy me never gave it a second thought as I reported in for my MRI. As soon as I had to take my pants off at the hospital I found out MRIs are different than CATs

The DaVinci Code Commentaires de Roman February 2006

Just finished The Da Vinci Code Novel and I had to write this short story to air some of my feelings. The novel was brilliant, well researched and illustrated. I am told it is “Pure Fiction?and it may well be, but I got to tell you, it was one hell of a read.

Something I need to say... January 2006

I tried to say in a story format some things on my mind but not real sure I did that. Somethings seem to always go unsaid because the words are just not there to express a feeling. Not sure if I have found some of those words, but have tried...

How I Learned to Speak DOG January 2006

Max and I get along nicely now that he has taught me to speak his language.

Steve Rogers November 2005

I was looking for a Christmas gift for my son and turned up an Honest person from an unlikely corner of the world.

Good Morning Betty Sue September 2005

A story of love, sex, Rape, The Internet, Death ?all to no avail. Story is a bit long but there was no shorter way it could be told. You will be glad you read all the pages.

Josh2 September 2005

A second generation clone had to be tested. The 12th century seemed to be a perfect time and place so....

Two August 2005

Have you ever wondered...about "things"? Have you ever wondered what sound would be made with only one hand clapping?...

The Morning of the Contest November 2004

A bit of frustration about the subjectivity of contests from a contestants viewpoint.....

From the Sands came Christopher July 2004

In the year 2167 DNA was used to find artifact from WWII under the sands of Normandy - Story was written in less than two hours...

The Citation April 2004

A young mother is the target... and she has done nothing to deserve what she and her children receive...but then you have to remember, life is not fair.

The Visa January 2004

Story was entered in a 24 hour writersweekly contest. You are given a phrase or sentence you must build a story around - in a few hours. This is about a single lady that isn't young anymore, has little to live for... until the Visa.

Have you seen my Puppy? September 2003

Napoleon and Josephine can't go on their cruise without Max. This is another of those 24 hour contest made up stories. It's kinda dumb, but you just never know - for sure...

Predestination September 2003

"If I had not flown it in myself, I would not have believed that a helicopter would fly in that condition." I survived major combat in Vietnam and if you have never lived that kind of experience or been raised knowing there is a power beyond your comprehension, this story will not make a lot of sense - but it is an interesting read...

Good Intentions September 2003

A son grows up in a hurry and a mother gets still more lessons in the way a 16 year old mind works....

Max June 2003

The 1 to 5 ratio for large dogs is unfair to humans. I never had a pet. Never missed having to clean up after them and never thought I could care for one... Until I met Max. He is a 94# black lab that thinks he is human. In the evening sitting on the rug in front of the fireplace we play and communicate, I actually understand him as I traveled the world in my youth and speak or understand many languages. I now speak dog and I agree with him that his next life will be as a human boy...

A Beautiful Sunday on the Lake May 2003

If you live near the water you need to know where to store and handle "stuff" or be prepared to dive into 30 feet of cold water retrieving "stuff"...

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