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January 20, 2019

Hess News

July 2013 - Sean came to visit during the week of 18 July. Girlfriend and I might add a very pretty, tall and young Seattle born native came also. They make a nice couple and from all indications "something down the pike" more permanent relationship is possible - so they said. You can see a bit more of them on the picture page.

January 2013 - A dedication to a high school friend ( and to his High School class of 1952.

January 2011 - Have re-writtenheaven's Luck,and January's Heat as 2nd editions and re-published. When I first wrote JH (12 years ago), I didn't much like the storyline because I think I really didn't know how to write, let alone how to tell a story. Having aged a bit and hopefully gotten a bit smarter these 2nd editions are both excellent novels.

December 2010 - Writing Growing Up In The South. . Well that was a total waste of time. Took me several months to just locate my Arkansas relatives and talked to them, some at length by phone - Thay don't have computers. Bottom line is NO Novel. Total disapoinment on my part but what they say about you can't ever go back for me, is true.

February 2010 - Writing Growing Up In The South. I bite the bullet again and desided to write the novel. Have asked help from the few remaining relatives to help me remember "details", so depending on their help the novel will either be 'truth based on fact' or 'fiction' based on what I can remember and what was rumored. Keep your fingers crossed for me/us.

June 2009 - Published Our Naked Veterans and the VA awarded me 100% disability. The whole purpose in writing "Naked" was to help other veterans in fighting the VA wars. I figure if I can win maybe, just maybe others will not repeat my mistakes.

March 2008 - Published ARLEE. I finally bite the bullet and put most of my Short Stories under one roof. Turned out to be not that big a deal and was actually fun. Published with again. I used LULU for the cook book and had to learn 'their 'idiosynracies that took a couple weeks and a bit of Gin. LULU has one feature I found most useful - 'Live Help'. The site seems to be manned/womaned/peopled 24/7 and it's simple IMing. ARLEE only took two days and I have to tell you, it's good. I added a bit over 300 pictures to help the stories alone and to my surprise, they do.

17 April 2007 - Joni died today.

February 2007 - I have discovered something about my writing; it’s getting better to the extent folks are actually ‘seeing?improvement and REAL compliments with many and real accolades from the Internet. To date there have been over 32,000 visitors to my ‘short stories?and ‘articles? and surprising, to me anyway - I am seeing I can write on most any subject. Kinda surprised me too when I decided to write a ‘short?article on the Veterans and how they/we/I am treated and my one day story turned into a month’s long 18,000 word ripping of the VA system. Along the way I have posted stories on such topics as therapy, computer stores, hospitals exams, sounds, water, love, sex, violence, ice, muscle & blood, dogs, road rage, water and of all things, Dentistry. Go figure.

April 2006 - Have setteled into a daily routine of writing short stories, daily chores and water 'stuff'.

December 2005 ?Living in Missouri on the Lake of the Ozarks and enjoying Total retirement. I still hate to fish but the water and boating are new and exciting experiences to this LandLubber. Have just lost another body part at the local hospital, but they tell me that comes with getting older and my past military life-style. I have always heard that parts wear out but I never considered mine would. I am learning that I am just like all other mammals. ?/span>I’m 74 now, feel 84 and look like death warmed over. Radio Controlled Model Aircraft have been my passion since I was twelve years old ?took a back seat for awhile while I traveled the world but has now seems to be coming back to center stage ?I like that.

May 2004 to Present...What is the definition of frustration? In my case it's the VA (Veterans Administration) over earned service-connected war-time (vietnam) medical compensation. The VA's Charter is to give the Veteran the benefit of the doubt but I got to tell you... I don't see that happening. I hate to bring in the U.S. Senate but the VA has had two years to read my letters and I feel that is long enought.

September, 2003 - Remembering Tomorrow released ?312 pages. Some folks say it is a tough read but worth your time.

December, 2002 - Lost a Kidney to cancer.

15 July, 2001 - Heaven's Luck is printed and released by SterlingHouse publishing.

13 February, 2001 - Retired my Federal Government GS position with 23 years service.

Summer, 1999 - January's Heat is released.

July 1998 - Left a 40 year marriage.

15 August, 1977 - Medically retired from the Army with 20 years and three months service.

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